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The Landlord Tenant act was created by the United Kingdom government for the protection of both occupants and land owners, and is compulsory for them both to follow. Some of the general requirements are stipulated by the government specifically for the landlord to follow. First of all they have to make the property realistically habitable before the prospective tenants take occupancy of the property.

A landlord also needs to provide a written notice to residents old and new in which they detail all the relevant information. Such documentary notice needs to includes all the financial details such as those surrounding the utility bills and payment of bills incurred as a result of damages, the fixed date for the paying of the rent, and any other vital information.

These are just some of the requirements for landlords to follow. There are also some stipulated requirements for the tenants to fulfill. These laws include the timely payment of rent and utility bills to the landlord, the proper disposal of waste, and the general care and use of the property that has been authorized for you by the landlord.

One of the major issues that has to be remembered is that the tenant cannot allow anyone else to live there without the landlord’s permission. Landlords and tenants must also refrain from disturb each other unnecessarily. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about Landlord Information.


Tenancy Deposit Regulation

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Did you know?

From 6 April 2007, tenants' deposits will be regulated and from that date all landlords taking tenancy deposits will have to join a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

This will apply to all Assured Shorthold Tenancies set up after 6th April 2007. Deposits that have been taken for tenancies set up before 6th April will not need to be registered on any scheme unless a new tenancy agreement is issued after that date.

There will be two types of scheme - one where the landlord can continue to hold the deposit and one where the deposit will have to be transferred to a third party. The NFRL is negotiating a scheme where the landlord can take and hold the deposit.


Landlord fined almost £90K for 'substandard' basement let

Court officials ruled landlord Andrew Panayi had illegally rented out the space for 14 years. more


Who is making noise in the UK Housing Sector

The Police Pensioners’ Housing Association Ltd (PPHA) is a Registered Charity (No. XN 23781A) which is managed by an elected committee, mainly consisting of retired Police Officers

The PPHA was founded in 1968 to establish sheltered warden assisted accommodation for Police Pensioners and their spouses, their widows or widowers from any police area who are over sixty years of age and are capable of looking after themselves. The first properties were purchased at The Croft in 1992 and the Association now owns more than half of the apartments in this sheltered housing complex with the remainder having owner/occupiers. There are in total 28 apartments and four bungalows built on three sides of a courtyard. Many of the apartments enjoy a view across farmland to the South Downs and all look out onto well tended areas of the communal garden.

Living Places, moving on

The living places partners are committed to helping build communities that offer sporting and cultural opportunities for all, are rich in local heritage, and enjoy the benefits of design excellence. To this end this they have compiled a library of resources which offer guidance, advice and practical support to all those who are working to build sustainable communities. With information on issues from street design to heritage conservation, these resources will be useful to designers, planners, and community activists.


Kenwood Plc

Kenwood is delighted to inform QHS that it will be continuing working within the housing sector further improving the heath and happiness of tenants in the public and private sector by reducing the influence of damp and moisture in flats and houses in the London region. More at www.kenwoodplc.co.uk.

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