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Live performance data
for QHS users

Independent performance measurement and customer insight

Our services provide cost effective, independent outputs which enable you to benchmark your performance improve customer satisfaction and increase cost efficiency.


Established in 2003, QHS provides a range of services that can be tailored to suit the needs of social landlords regardless of size or structure. Clients can either become QHS Members and receive discounts on services or choose to buy services on a "pay as you use" basis. For more detail see our 'Resources' section.


QHS is now part of Service Matters


On 1st April 2014 Quality Housing Services Ltd (QHS) was secured by Service Matters, the professional corporate services division of Orbit Group. Service Matters were chosen by the Board of QHS as its preferred partner to secure, safeguard, promote and develop the QHS business and product suite.

Customer insight

Survey options

Telephone polling

Call monitoring

Mystery shopping

Survey options


Our bespoke telephone surveys are carried out using the latest computer aided systems.  Whatever you want to ask, whenever you want to ask it, we can help.


Experienced interviewers will carry out your surveys regularly over an agreed period to give you “live” outputs that add real value to your business.  For example, key people in your organisation can receive live alerts to their in boxes when issues arise.


We only charge for results so there are no hidden set up or abortive costs.


Benchmarking and third party certification is available and we can use the research to support scrutiny panel activity.


Survey options include:


Responsive maintenance


Value for Money

Tenancy allocation



Neighbourhood management



Estate Services

"Your service promise"

Common Telephone Research


Telephone surveys on a key activities carried out by providers, Using the latest
CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) software.


• Common services reviewed are Maintenance, Neighbourhood Management, Complaints, and Value for Money.

• Live reporting with analysis and red flagging of issues direct to in boxes of key personnel.

• Conducted regularly over defined periods.

• Uses qualified and experienced specialist Interviewers.

• Fixed cost based on results, invoiced monthly.

• Certificates of performance are available.

• Benchmarking available

• Free support and advice on survey development


Can be aligned and or support scrutiny panel activity

Full range of tailoring services for surveys are available

See Resources page to download full list available of survey templates


Call monitoring


Monitors the telephone response of an organisation where a predetermined
scenario is tested in a live situation.


• Live reporting with analysis and red flagging of issues direct to in boxes of key personnel.

• Calls can be recorded

• Uses qualified and experienced callers.

• A range of common scenarios is available or can be developed to match organisational training or procedures.

• Certificates of assurance are available.

• Can lead to very quick improvements in this crucial interface.

• Basic low cost option of call answering is available which can reveal surprising results with very easy gains in performance.


Mystery shopping


Our mystery shoppers are qualified and experienced visitors who will come to your offices and test out a predetermined scenario in a live situation.  We have a range of scenarios that you can use or we can work with you to come up with ones tailored to your training and procedures.


We will give you a fast turnaround report detailing the customer experience indicating where improvements can be made to this vital part of your service offering.


Certificates of assurance are available.


Good customer insight tools enable you to really know your customers’ opinion of you and your services. Truly effective customer insight analysis helps you align your systems and processes to deliver maximum satisfaction at minimum cost.


Is your organisation, its processes and systems set up to optimise the delivery of services or can things be improved?  Our assessment service will help you find out by reviewing your existing arrangements and measuring their ability to repeatedly deliver promised services.


If you wish, we can also measure your organisation’s change capability in the key areas of customer management, housing services, asset management and value for money.


Our systems audit – which combines the two approaches above – gives the additional benefit of full assurance for governance purposes.  Third party certification is also available.


Process capability

Organisational capability

Systems audit



Performance Excellence Modelling

Effective performance excellence modelling measures the effectiveness of your service delivery when compared to your strategic aims.  It helps you assess your organisation’s performance against an agreed standard and gives you the tools to ensure consistent excellence becomes standard practice.


Our performance excellence models have been developed in consultation with the sector so they are tailored to what matters most to providers and tenants and are compatible with all existing sector requirements.


Third party certification is available if required.


Service Delivery



NHS and student Accommodation

“Your Excellence Model”

Stakeholder Assurance and Performance Recognition

QHS has a unique approach which enables organisations to tailor their assurance requirements specific business need in a cost effective way. We provide three levels of recognition for organisations who want to promote their achievement:

Level 3 - “Performance Award” – is conducted against a recognised standard that uses multiple conformity assessment methods and the highest performance targets for excellence (as detailed in the QHS criteria for excellence). This award is for organisations who want to be recognised for going the “extra mile”.

Level 2 - “Achievement Plaque”- is an approach that uses at least two forms of conformity assessment against a pre- agreed and detailed schedule. It confirms performance achievement by drawing on an organisation’s “Customer Promise” and/or elements of the QHS “Criteria for Excellence”. This award is for organisations who want to be recognised for their bespoke approach.

Level 1 – “Tenant Guarantee” – is an approach that uses customer insight to confirm that organisations have delivered what they say they will. It acts as recognition for organisations who want to show evidence of their commitment to tenants and delivery of their undertakings.

All recognition and assurance services are designed to integrate with an organisation’s systems and processes to drive both “Value for Money” and “Continuous Improvement".


Effective performance excellence modelling measures the effectiveness of your service delivery when compared to your strategic aims.  It helps you assess your organisation’s performance against an agreed standard and gives you the tools to ensure consistent excellence becomes standard practice.


Downloadable content:


Current list of survey templates available. PDF

Pricing Options. PDF

Case study: Home Improvement Project. PDF

Case study: Complaints Telephone Survey. PDF

Case study: Leaseholders Survey. PDF

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Kensington Housing Trust
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Marches Housing Association
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One Housing Group
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Portsmouth Housing Association
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Accent Peerless
Aldwyck Housing Group
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Guinness Trust
Hastoe Housing
Herefordshire Housing

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